David Nickoll | Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin BFF’s" The Aisha Tyler Show
David Nickoll is a Showrunner/Writer/Producer/Director. He is currently the Head Writer for “@Midnight with Chris Hardwick” on Comedy Central.
The Aisha Tyler Show, Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin BFF’s, David Nickoll, Director Writer,
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ABC/Disney Pilot

Director, Showrunner, Writer
About This Project

I was hired as the Showrunner for this daytime variety and talk show pilot for ABC as a potential replacement for the soon to be departing “Oprah Winfrey Show.” It was an amazing experience and I remain incredibly proud of the pilot and the lifelong friendship I forged with Aisha. To this day, those who worked on it are still scratching their heads. We thought we had a winner. Ah, showbiz!